Practicing Patience


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They say patience is a virtue, that it’s the key to success. I used to have sooo much trouble with it, I wanted things to happen in my timing and on my terms. Watching people “passing me up” made me sick to my stomach and feel like something was wrong with me, “why not me?”

I’m practicing patience now, reminding myself every day that my time will come. I used to make music videos back in high school and early college, never put them on YouTube it was just a hobby that I shared with my friends on Facebook. Was showing them to a friend yesterday who said, “you should have put these on YouTube you could have been YouTube famous!” Looking back now I’m glad I didn’t, because had that played out I would be known for that and might never have found my real voice and passion for writing.

What looks like a missed opportunity, in retrospect was actually a detour in the right direction. So, this is just a little reminder (for both of us) that your life is playing out perfectly, molding you into the person you have to become to be who the world needs you to be.

Our job is to focus on becoming the best version of ourselves that we can, to develop our skills, to focus on where we are at in this moment, who we are becoming in this moment, finding joy in this moment, so that when OUR opportunity presents itself we are ready for it. Damn, it feels good to be patient.

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