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Los Angeles Travel Guide

First off, I would by no means say I am an expert on where to go when you visit Los Angeles. But, I did have some pretty great tour guides and I LOVED everywhere I went while I was there. A few people messaged me asking where they should go when they visit, so I thought I would put together a list of the places I went.

I also posted my whole trip to my Instagram Story highlights if you want to check that out.

Friday –

I came to LA to visit friends and stayed with my great friend (and sorority “little”) Spencer. While I waited for her to get off work, I wandered around hitting as many spots as I could!

Alfred’s On Melrose Place- I was told I would love this location and it did not disappoint! I sat on the patio working all morning and enjoyed an oat milk vanilla latté. Great atmosphere and people watching.

Gracias Madre in West Hollywood– This place was a recommendation from my Instagram friend, Caitlin of Lost Luxe. We became fast friends over social media and had never met in person before meeting for lunch at this delicious, vegan spot. You would think because it’s “vegan” that the menu would be limited, but it was FAR from limited. We enjoyed great conversation, palomas, cauliflower nachos and one of their delicious grain bowls.

You can follow Caitlin on Instagram @lostluxe for some gorgeous style inspo, majorly thought provoking captions and realness. Basically, all of my favorite things. 

Beverly Hills Hotel – I mean… of course I had to stop by the BHH. Would I be a tourist in LA if I didn’t? I’ve honestly always imagined myself spending the day working on my laptop on the patio, sipping on a $20 glass of rosé, without a care in the world. And, that’s just what I did! Follow your dreams, people.

I then wandered along Rodeo Drive and typed into my Yelp! app “food” (lol). Which lead me to a real swanky spot.

Gratitude Beverly Hills – I sat at the fancy bar, feeling like a total somebody, sipping on my skinny margarita with a pink Himalayan salted rim. I ordered “I am eclectic,” which is basically just their fancy LA way of saying, “can I have the cauliflower buffalo wings with dairy free dipping sauce and carrots that I’m not even going to touch.” I’m told this restaurant is part of a group of restaurants and I just happened to wander into the fancy one.

Sotto – Had a girls night with Spencer (oh, and her boyfriend Phil) and enjoyed a delicious Italian meal. I have absolutely no idea what we ordered, but there was noodles and chicken and deliciousness and laughs and great company. Incase you’re wondering, I approve, I think we will keep Phil around.

Saturday –

Would it be a trip to LA if I didn’t go to some sort of work out class? The answer is, no.

SPN Pilates Calabasas – Spence and I went to our friend Jamie’s Pilates Sculpt class. It was so fun seeing Jamie in her element! Highly recommend taking her class if you’re in the area.

Erewhon – Had to see what the hype was about… the hype is real. It’s like Whole Foods, but better and on steroids.. but like, natural steroids?

Hugo’s on Santa Monica Blvd – Ugh, I love a good brunch and Hugo’s did not disappoint. The Almond Energy Pancakes were so effing good and we had a really good veggie omelet.

Hara Sushi – (Not sure if this is the right link, but it’s on Whilshire… which is apparently pronounced “will-sure” as opposed to “will-shire”) Saké bombs.. need I say more? The sushi was good, but this dinner was really about the catching up with friends ( I missed my Nikkiiiii)! We had an early dinner, but I’m told this place gets pretty rowdy.

Q’s Billiard Club – This was a really great spot to hang out and watch the U of A basketball game. And by watch, I mean talk to people and ask what the score is after the game was long over.

The Lincoln Venice – I LOVED this bar, it was right up my alley. Good music, but not too loud that you couldn’t have a conversation. A cool crowd of people just hanging out and having a few too many cocktails. My kind of night.

Sunday –

Woke up with no regrets, accept the last few vodka soda’s.

Butcher’s Daughter – This place was bomb! I loved the decor, the coffee was so good and the croissant breakfast sandwich was even better! There are definitely healthier options on the menu, but that wasn’t exactly the mood I was in. Also, I saw Tasha Oakley go to dinner there the Monday after I was there – aka I am Tasha Oakley now, so there’s that.

Van Leeuwan Artisan Ice Cream – This was an ice cream truck on Abbot Kinney and the chocolate vegan ice cream was so good!

Saje Wellness – Ok, this has nothing to do with food or anything but I heard about it on the Almost 30 Podcast and had to stop in. Tons of natural wellness products, which is my jam. I left with their Virgin Lips Intensive Moisturizer and OH MY you need it, it’s literally $8.

That’s it, my trip in a nutshell. I saw a ton, loved everything I saw, but didn’t get enough. I will definitely be back soon. Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!


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