7 Things To Know Before Living With Your Best Friend

7 Things To Know Before Living With Your Best Friend

*This was our first crappy little apartment. Our first home away from home, our first time on our own in the world.

Everyone always says, “Never live with your best friend.” Let’s be honest though I’ve never been one to do something just because everyone else says I should. In true Taylor, and Brooke fashion, we didn’t listen.

Thankfully, it ended up being the best possible decision ever. And I mean, EVER!

living with best friend

living with best friend

I met Brooke at my 16th birthday party sleepover. I had just moved dance studios and I decided to invite my whole dance company so that I could get to know the girls before the season started. In walks the bubbliest person I’ve every met! Arms wide open she wrapped me in a big hug, and in her best “I’ve arrived” tone she said “Hi, I’m Brookahhhhh.”

I guess you could say it was friendship at first sight. I some how found myself in a best friendship with both her and her life long best friend Katelyn – they were never they same again, I completed them, they don’t know what they would do without me, two became three and the rest is history. Lol.

After 4 years of being college roommates and 10 years of friendship later, we are better friends than we were the day we moved in together.

We agree it is rare that living with your best friend turns out well, but we are living proof that it CAN work out beautifully. Of course we got on each others nerves and didn’t get along every hour of the day, but we both agree that 95% of the time we were so happy to be around each other. We had a blast those 4 years!

Here are just a few things that we believe were our recipe for success:

living with your best friend
Junior year we add these two to the mix…
Say what you’re thinking. Don’t try to tiptoe around things to sound nice. Just be up front.

This is number one for a reason, we both agree this was THE MOST IMPORTANT thing we did.

Tell them when they’re being a bitch, and let them tell you when you’re being one too. 

Not sure if this is TMI… But, about a year and a half in I changed my birth control and I started getting really snappy. Brooke felt constantly on edge around me and just straight up called me out, she knew it was out of character for me. And I cared enough about our friendship to be open to a little constructive criticism.

living with your best friend

Share Your Food.

This might not work for everyone, but we always grocery shopped together and split the bill. That way we never had to deal with the “you ate my food” situation.

Talk About Your Pet Peeves.

Brooke has a MAJOR issue with the sound of brushing teeth. She can’t even watch the scene in Bring It On when Torrance and Cliff are brushing their teeth together without cringing. So, I got myself a loud electric toothbrush and we brushed our teeth together like the cutest little roommate couple there ever was.

living with your best friend
Senior year things got really fun…
living with your best friend
If one of you has a boyfriend, make sure he cares about respecting the other roommate. 

Presents are ALWAYS a plus. Garrett would bring us the dumbest stuff; we never knew what he was going to show up with.

If you say something behind their back, be wiling to say it to their face. 

This goes along with #1 and should really always apply in a healthy friendship. If you find yourself complaining to your other friends about your roommate, it’s a good indication that you need to be open and straight with them about it.

living with your best friend

Lastly, Do NOT sweat the small stuff. 

It is a pretty popular saying, but it is so important when living with your best friend. We believe we lived so well together because neither of us truly gave a sh*t about dumb sh*t like who washed the dishes, or who refilled the paper towels. At the end of the day none of it matters if you are open and have a mutual respect for each other.

living with your best friend

living with your best friend




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