7 Favorite Wellness Products I Use On The Reg

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I’m a big self-care girl. I’ve dealt with anxiety my whole life and have found that the BEST way to not let it run my life is through self-care. I often share my favorite wellness products on my Instagram story and I recently did a poll asking if people would be interested in me sharing the rest of the products I use regularly. The answer was yes, so here they are.

Care/Of Vitamins –

People have asked me about “the vitamin company that sponsors me,” because I talk about this company so often. They DO NOT SPONSOR me, although they should, I just truly love their product. It is a personalized daily vitamin service that allows you to take a lifestyle test, provides you with supplement suggestion, and then allows you to customize a daily vitamin pack. Your vitamins are delivered to your home in a beautifully branded box with individual daily packs that are easy to take on the go.

What’s in my pack? Fish Oil (omega-3), Probiotic Blend (gut health), Vitamin C (immune boost), Ashwagandha (The Chill Pill), Zinc (more immunity boost)

Dry Brushing –

There are a ton of wellness benefits to dry brushing! It helps support the lymphatic system, which is a part of the body’s immune system and helps the body detoxify itself. It exfoliates the skin, cleans pores, supposedly reduces cellulite but I’m not so sure… maybe I don’t do it often enough. But, I just love how it makes me feel. Some people say its painful at first, but I’ve never experienced that I just feel exfoliated and energized. I linked the exact brush set and oil that I use below.

Ice Roller –

My favorite thing in the world when I’m hungover, keep it in the freezer and roll that sh*t all over your face – it is a lifesaver. But, also its really great for reducing inflammation, reduces puffiness, it is supposed to help reduce fine lines and have a lifting effect on the skin. I mostly love the cooling effect; it perks me up in the morning. I personally like the one with the metal roller.


Vital Proteins Collagen –

Collagen is EVERYTHING. Okay, not everything but it is one of my absolute favorite wellness products. I drink it every morning in my coffee. I prefer the unflavored marine collagen because you can’t even taste it. I see a noticeable difference in my skin, it’s just more plump and vibrant. Collagen is also great for your hair health and nail growth.


L-lysine –

I have been cursed with cold sores since I was a child; it is so frustrating and embarrassing, I hate it. I honestly feel so vulnerable talking about it, but the reality is so many people get them! Thankfully since I’ve gotten my eating lifestyle in check I don’t get them often. Keeping your immune system strong and reducing stress in your life makes a huge difference. I started taking this natural supplement as a way to boost my immune system; studies have shown that it helps prevent outbreaks. Who knows if it works but I will literally do anything possible to avoid them.


Tongue Scraper –

If you don’t have a tongue scraper, I’m sorry but you NEED a tongue scraper. I’ve always brushed my tongue but after listening to the TSC Podcast featuring the Ayurveda expert Sahara Rose, I immediately ordered myself one. It is THE FIRST thing I do when I wake up, before I even take a sip of water – imagine all the bacteria that builds up on your tongue while you sleep, then you take a sip of water and you just swallow it and it goes into your gut! Gross… do your gut health a favor and scrape your tongues people!



Not sure if this really qualifies as a “wellness” product but I’m not trying to increase my risk of getting diabetes, heart disease or cancer from sitting on my ass all day. This contraption sets on top of me cute World Market Desk to elevate my computer so I can stand while I work. My little brother bought me this for Christmas, probably because he loves me and wants me to live longer. I love it!


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