Dear Dad, Thank You

Dear Dad

It is funny when you grow up a bit and start to notice all the ways your parents shaped you. I got really lucky, not the kind of lucky where everything was perfect and dandy. The kind of lucky where the really hard shit in life, ended up being the greatest blessing in the world.

Well, today is the day we celebrate the birthday of the greatest blessing of my entire life – my dad.

Dear Dad,

My first job interview I called you for a pep talk and said “wish me luck!” You replied, “you don’t need luck, you’re a Grewe.” Thank you for my confidence.

When I whined about girls bullying me as a kid and wanted you to baby me, you told me to “stop crying and get over it.” Thank you for not allowing me to act like a victim.

When I gave into peer pressure, or found myself in trouble for following the crowd, you didn’t scold me for what I did you scolded me for letting other people influence me. You said, “you are a leader Taylor, not a follower.” Thank you for teaching me to be a leader.

You went OUT OF YOUR WAY to embarrass me in public, vivid memories of you talking loudly in hick accents in the middle of grocery stores calling me “Darla” still haunt my dreams. Thank you for teaching me to not take myself or life too seriously… and for making me almost immune to embarrassment.

You forced me to make my own money if I wanted to wear Juicy Couture track suits like everyone else. Thank you for teaching me to work for the things I want in life.

When I started my first business, you didn’t give me the satisfaction of saying “good job! you are so amazing”, you wanted to see results. Thank you for teaching me that in life you have to earn acknowledgement and respect, it doesn’t get handed to you.

You frustrated me, I yelled at you a lot, you’re the only person in the world who has ever made me truly angry. I never understood why you couldn’t just go easy on me, I’m a girl! But, that didn’t matter to you, you knew who I was capable of being. You told me, “some day you will thank me.”

I honestly never thought that day would come. But, I’ve grown up a bit, I’m seeing the result of your methods. And I must say, I see it now, there was in fact a method to your madness.

So thank you, daddy, for being the best dad you could possibly be for me. Happy Birthday.

I love you, endlessly.