clearing space

Clearing Space For What You REALLY Want

 My biggest fear in life is regret, it literally gives me a stomach ache thinking about getting to the end of my life with a list of things I always said I wanted to do but never did. Living in LA was on it, and honestly making the move was one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever done. I am so beyond glad I did it! To be honest I cannot wait to move back to AZ, moving to…

Big Family

7 Things You Learn Growing Up In A Big Family

Growing up in a big family means living a pretty damn full life, I mean that literally and figuratively. It sometimes feels like my life is filled to the brim with family gatherings, holiday parties, baptisms, birthday parties, family vacation or weddings. It can get pretty exhausting, but it also means my life is filled to the brim with people who care about me and who look out for each other. It is as crazy as crazy gets; here are…