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7 Favorite Wellness Products I Use On The Reg

I’m a big self-care girl. I’ve dealt with anxiety my whole life and have found that the BEST way to not let it run my life is through self-care. I often share my favorite wellness products on my Instagram story and I recently did a poll asking if people would be interested in me sharing the rest of the products I use regularly. The answer was yes, so here they are. Care/Of Vitamins - People have asked me about “the…


Inflammation Is Quite Literally Killing You

Disclaimer: This post barely scratches the surface on this topic, it is just a brief, simplified explanation of my understanding of it. On my list of things I'm really effing glad I know about, this topic is up there. I’ve had to do a lot of research on it as part of my job and it blew my mind how serious it was. I have always been interested in health and wellness but had never heard much about it -…

Tata Harper Skincare

Tata Harper Natural Skincare Line | My Thoughts

I am a huge skincare junkie, in case you didn't already know. For me it is a self care ritual, that makes me feel good about myself. If nothing else goes right in my day, I know that I start and end my day taking care of myself. I admit it is a pretty pricey addiction, but hey, at least it's good for me? While I love a good drugstore find, there are certain products I believe are really worth…


7 Tips For Glowing Skin

We only of one body, one set of skin, and taking care of it is not only necessary but can actually be uplifting. I don’t know about you but I feel worlds better about myself when I know that I am actively doing things to take care of my body. There is just something about enhancing natural, makeup free beauty that makes me feel more confident about myself. Which is why I got together with my friend Calli - at The…