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My Number One Health, Beauty And Life Tip

Water seems like a silly topic to dedicate an entire post to, but I have wanted to talk about it because it is honestly my NUMBER ONE health, beauty, and just life in general tip. No beauty product in the world, in my opinion, outweighs the benefits of drinking a ton of water. For as long as I can remember I’ve literally had a water bottle glued to my hand – in every meeting, in every coffee shop, with every…

Dear Dad

Dear Dad, Thank You

It is funny when you grow up a bit and start to notice all the ways your parents shaped you. I got really lucky, not the kind of lucky where everything was perfect and dandy. The kind of lucky where the really hard shit in life, ended up being the greatest blessing in the world. Well, today is the day we celebrate the birthday of the greatest blessing of my entire life - my dad. Dear Dad, My first job…

Dream Big

You Don’t Have To Dream Big To Be Happy

I just need to get something off my chest, it weighs on me a bit. I hate the thought of someone watching me say things like “chase your dreams,” “take risks,” or use hashtags like #dreambig and feel like if they have no desire to do those things there is something wrong with that. To be clear, those are things that make ME happy; thinking big, having something seemingly unattainable to work towards, taking risks and putting my creative work…

This Is 25

You know that cheesy new years quote "2015 was warm up, 2016 was practice, 2017 is game time" or whatever the quote is? That is kind of what it feels like turning 25, it feels like it is finally game time. And not like the get myself pumped up, read a bunch of motivational quotes and try to naively convince myself that I've done enough practice that I'm ready for the olympics when I've never even played on a legit…


Dear Anxiety, Chill The Eff Out

Dear Anxiety, We need to talk, again. We’ve had this conversation before; you need to chill the eff out. I’m writing you this letter to remind myself that you are not a part of me, you are simply a confused, weak and insecure voice inside my head, and I am the observer of your insanity. I am the quiet, confident, calmness that exists when I remember that all those anxious thoughts are not me. While you are rambling on and…

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Free Yourself To Live Your Best Life

In the spirit of keeping the freedom theme of this week alive, I felt inspired to share a few things that I have decided to free myself of. These are things that I have chosen to give up because I felt like they were holding me back from becoming my best, happiest, most fulfilled self. My life plan – Honestly, nothing has gone according to “my plan” and I’m so grateful that it hasn’t. When I graduated college my “logical…