Why I Gave Up Trying To Be Perfect



Perfectionism is most certainly the killer of dreams, or am I the only one who has let not being the best or good enough stop me from even trying?

There are so many times when I’ve taken myself out of the game, because my mind told me I wasn’t ready yet. I would sit back and try to work everything out in my head so that it was absolutely perfect, learn and prepare enough so that I was perfectly ready, and then when I couldn’t work it out perfectly in my head I gave up before I even tried.

This blog adventure is a perfect example! It took me almost a year to convince myself that I could do it. Then it took another 3 month process of choosing the perfect name, stumbling through building a website, then changing the name, then going to a workshop, then trying to build the perfect website for the new name, so that when I finally decided to launch it would be something I would be proud of…

Why I Gave Up Trying To Be Perfect

But the truth is, it was all just an excuse, I was putting everything off out of fear. I was comparing my website to other people’s, and comparing myself to the people I admire who have been doing this for a long time. I was asking myself, “who am I to think that people care about what I have to say?”, and I was worried about what people would say about me when I started to really put my ideas out there. So I was holding myself back.

Thanks to a friendly nudge courtesy of Blake, I realized that done would be far better than perfect. Perfection is total BS, it’s an illusion, and it doesn’t actually exist. There will always be something for me to improve on or change, and it will never be the perfect timing.

I decided to get excited about starting small and having endless amounts of room to grow, to stop trying to work everything out perfectly in my head and to just trust my intuition. I decided to stop letting perfect get in the way of good, and to give myself the space to just go for it, make mistakes and learn along the way.

I decided to live a Life Off The Reel, to stop pausing to question myself and to continuously move forward without delay or hesitation.

Quote Of The Day: Stop Letting Perfect Get In The Way Of Good